Healthy Androscoggin’s Role in Preventing Lead Poisoning

Healthy Androscoggin is a local public health non-profit that addresses lead poisoning prevention in Androscoggin County. We are responsible for building awareness about lead poisoning and educating our community about lead hazards and prevention methods. Healthy Androscoggin’s lead poisoning prevention activities include:

  1. Providing direct lead poisoning, healthy homes, and lead-safe cleaning education to tenants whose units are enrolled in the Lewiston-Auburn Lead Program (the $3.4 million HUD lead grant through City of Lewiston)
  2. Community-wide outreach and education on lead poisoning, including:
    1. Advertisements, articles, press releases, social media campaigns, etc. for raising awareness
    2. Teaching “Healthy Homes Healthy Families” classes about lead and other home hazards, open to all residents of Androscoggin County
    3. Teaching “Neighbor 2 Neighbor” classes about lead and other home hazards. This class is specifically for immigrants, refugees and asylees of all origins
    4. Hosting and participating in community events to raise awareness about lead
    5. Youth engagement: educating Lewiston-Auburn high school students about lead, and empowering them to spot hazards and educate others in their communities
    6. Presentations on lead to local leaders and community partners, to raise awareness about the individual and community impact of lead poisoning (pressure on criminal justice system, education system, economic impact of lead poisoning, etc)
  3. Conducting in-home lead dust testing for residents living in rental units in downtown Lewiston and Auburn. We also train other organizations on how to conduct lead dust tests.
  4. Participating in our local Green & Healthy Homes Initiative collaboration, along with many local partners. This collaborative seeks to collectively address lead poisoning in our community, by streamlining existing programming and actively seeking additional resources to fill gaps.
  5. Convening local, state-wide and regional partners to further the work of preventing childhood lead poisoning in Lewiston-Auburn.

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