Talk to your child’s provider about a lead poisoning test!

Talk To Your Child’s Doctor About Having Your Children Tested For Lead Poisoning.

Tell your doctor that you’d like to have your children, especially those under age 6, tested for lead.

 Your doctor can explain how important it is to have children from 6 months to 2 years tested. During these 18 months, children grow the most. Head Start also requires a blood test when a child enters the program. Ask the Health Specialist at your local Head Start center to tell you about the process.

Lewiston-Auburn Lead Program

The City of Lewiston received a 3-year $3.4 million dollar lead hazard control grant from the Federal Housing and Urban Development department in 2015. It and manages this grant under the name “Lewiston-Auburn Lead Program” (LALP). The LALP Program is a collaborative effort between the City of Lewiston, City of Auburn, Community Concepts Inc., and Healthy Androscoggin. It is a dynamic program model for integrating green and healthy housing interventions with strategies to create lead safe, healthy, and affordable homes for low income families in Lewiston and Auburn.

LALP grant funds are being used to address lead paint hazards and some non-lead health hazards in 225 housing units. These are primarily in rental properties in downtown Lewiston and Auburn. The program also works for low income home owners who live in the target areas.

Residents in these units are also provided with healthy homes education from the Healthy Androscoggin staff.  This is to empower them so they may better protect their families, wherever they choose to live, from up to 27 different types of healthy home hazards.

Local property owners may enroll their single-family or rental properties in the LALP program, and can do so by reaching out to community concepts. Applications are accepted in the order they are received and will be processed as funds are available. The LALP program does prioritize properties for consideration that have a State of Maine CDC mandated abatement order for Lead Hazards.

Click this link L-A lead program to learn more about Lewiston-Auburn’s Lead Program from 2015-2017.