Cleaning With a Hepa Vacuum

The Cities of Lewiston and Auburn, in partnership with Atrix International Incorporated, offers a HEPA vacuum loan program for safe lead dust and paint chip removal in residential properties. You can use a special vacuum cleaner called a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) vacuum to clean up lead. The HEPA vacuum has a filter designed specifically to pick up very small lead dust particles as well as paint chips from walls, floors window sills and window wells.  Never use your household vacuum cleaner to clean up paint chips or dust from walls, floors, windowsills or window wells. Regular household vacuum cleaners are not recommended for lead cleanup as the filter is not equipped to pick up and hold fine lead dust particles.  This results in redistribution of lead dust through the exhaust of the vacuum and throughout the home, exposing the occupants.

To rent your HEPA Vacuum click here for the HEPA Vacuum Rental agreement.

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